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Online Banking

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Online Banking (Virtual Branch)

Our "Virtual Branch" allows you to use your personal computer and internet connection to complete many of the same transactions that you would be able to do at one of our offices. Our Virtual Branch enables you to:

  • Verify account balances
  • Find out if payroll or electronic funds transfer have posted
  • Place stop payments on checks
  • Pay bills online - for BillPay Online Tutorial Click Here
  • View draft images
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Reorder checks
  • View status of loan application
  • Make loan payments
  • Print a copy of your account history
  • Apply for a loan
  • And so much more!
Network Security

Network Security

The second facet of our security is protection of the Credit Union's internal network and member information from access by unauthorized internet users. (Host to server is strictly via a serial connection unless utilizing TCP/IP then a firewall is required as discussed above) Internet transactions are routed to the Credit Union from the client via a T1/FRAME RELAY/ISDN or dial-up connections. When requests reach the Credit Union router, the traffic is either sent to the home banking server (a specific, secured port address), or to a proxy server. The proxy server allows us to isolate our local network from the public Internet. The online banking server is connected via a serial port or TCP/IP to the main computer that houses the account information. Only a valid transaction request from the member via a pin and password can cause information to be downloaded from the Credit Union host computer back to the client via the internet. Utilizing these methods will disallow unauthorized access to our network including all member information. The online banking server stores no Pin, Password or specific account information what so ever, it is solely a pass thru via a serial connection from the host server, unless utilizing TCP/IP it then will be defended via a proxy/firewall device.

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