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Other Loans

We're always looking for new ways to meet the borrowing needs of our members. Whether you need a line of credit or an installment loan, here are a few options that Downriver Community has to help you with whatever you are trying to accomplish in life!

Line of Credit

You never know where you’ll be when you will need a Line of Credit, fast. DCFCU has a simple solution. Our Personal Unsecured Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to borrow whenever an expense comes up, without applying for a new loan each time. Simply complete an easy application form to open your Line of Credit. As of today your rate could be as low as 10.50%  APR*.

Apply for a DCFCU Line of Credit Loan

As you make payments on your balance, you’ll have funds available for future expenses. DCFCU’s Line of Credit is versatile and advances can even be made at any of our branch offices, checking account over-draft, as well as Online Banking and ATM Machines using your DCFCU debit card.

This is not a short-term loan special. It’s a Line of Credit with a great low rate that is available for as long as you want it! Open a Line of Credit for a new computer, a much-needed vacation, or some home improvements. Or just rest easy, knowing you have cash available if something comes up. Apply now or if you prefer, simply call 313-386-2200 for personal assistance.

*APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate. This is a Variable Rate Line of Credit. Your individual rate is based on your credit score and may be higher than the quoted rate. Complete rate information is available at the Credit Union.

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